Mitts & Mars

A fun and exciting space game. Flying in a spaceship through unknown planets while dodging and weaving around asteroids, aliens, and human space debris.


Strategy —

Creative Strategy
Product Strategy

Design —

Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Visual Design
Gameplay Design

Deliverables —

Game Design
Unity Development

Gameplay / UX

Creating a simple gameplay and UX for all ages to enjoy!


Retro, and futuristic, and Rock and Roll, and fun, and just right.

Main Characters

Mitts (cat) and Mars (dog) are the main characters, accompanied by their best friends.

Other Characters

What do you find in outer space? Aliens, spaceships, asteroids, and Pharrel’s hat obviously…


Arcade style game. Dodge objects by tapping and holding on the screen. Unlock different characters by getting high score.

Other Sceens

Settings iwth simple togles and game over screns to allow users to share their high score with friends.

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